Dear friends of Regional Rail:

The next meeting of the Regional Rail Working Group (RRWG) will be held on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 6-8pm (meeting will start promptly at 6pm) Conference Room, NYPD Downtown Center 104 Washington Street (just north of Rector Street),  Lower Manhattan. 
I would also urge you to attend the next Auto-Free New York meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, January 26, 2009, 6-8pm, at the same location. The subject will be:
"Reducing roadway congestion to JFK Airport: A one-seat rail service on the disused LIRR Rockaway Cut-Off in Central Queens"
An informal discussion led by Robert Kozma, retired public transit operations specialist
At the RRWG meeting discussion will continue on efforts to advance ARC Penn Station First -- a plan for connecting the new Hudson River passenger rail tunnels directly into existing tracks and platforms at Moynihan/Penn Station. The current NJ Transit plan to connect the new tunnels into a deep cavern dead end terminal station 175 feet below 34th Street is seriously flawed, and should be modified.
Time permitting, there will be progress reports on other RRWG initiatives:
1. moving forward on the Penn Station Metro-Hub plan
2. Upper Level Loop Alternative for LIRR East Side Access
3. Lower Manhattan Access
4. Light Rail in the Lincoln Tunnel
5. Regional Rail Freight and Intercity Rail Passenger issues

The purpose of the working group is to develop and advance plans for converting the region's commuter rail lines into a regional rail system,
with fast, frequent service and affordable, integrated fares. The group also considers changes to rapid transit and light rail transit that are
"regional" in scale.
Regional Rail issues are discussed on our website:

The Working Group includes:

Empire State Passengers Association
NJ Association of Railroad Passengers
Lackawanna Coalition
Five Towns Rural Transit, Inc.
Committee for Better Transit
Institute for Rational Urban Mobility
Sane Aviation for Everyone, Inc. (SAFE) (our newest participant) 
See you on January 26, 2010 and January 27, 2010        

George Haikalis
Chair, Regional Rail Working Group
One Washington Square Village, Suite 5D
New York, NY 10012 phone: 212-475-3394