Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 12:14:25 EST

Dear Rockaway Subcommittee Members,

I'm trying to come up with a regularly scheduled day for future
Rockaway Subcommittee meetings to be held somewhere in Queens and want to know
which days of each week in a month are not good for you so that I'll be able
to figure out which day of which week would be the best for the most
members of our group to attend. Please note the meeting would be in the
evening from 7:00 PM to about 10:00 PM.

Please reply to me with the days (evenings) of each week which are not
good for you. For example the fourth Wednesday would not be good for some
members because of the regularly scheduled RRWG meeting at 104 Washington
Street in Manhattan. So those members would list fourth Wednesday if they have
any other regularly scheduled monthly meetings or other monthly
commitments (such as community board, civic assn., etc.) they would also list those
day(s) of which week that they already have a commitment. If some members
don't like meetings on Fridays they would also note that as well by listing
All Fridays.


Carl Perrera
RRWG -Rockaway Subcommittee Chair

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