Good luck! The important thing is to keep the Rockaway line intact. In a list of new projects, reactivating the line is probably a tier three or lower project, but we have to preserve the right-of-way. There are numerous options for reactivating all or part of the line and you probably know most of them. Incremental development is possible. Examples include: Restoring the line to Jamaica Ave with a transfer to the J by extending the Rockaway Park shuttle to Jamaica Ave (once proposed by the Board of Transportation); building an eastbound connection at Jamaica Ave and run the shuttle to Archer Ave; digging out and restoring Woodhaven Jct should the Atlantic branch be converted to a subway; connecting the north end with the IND at Rego Park via 66th Ave; connecting with the bypass if built, etc., especially if it were ever extended to Manhattan (as the LIRR proposed in 1892). I don't see it ever reverting to the LIRR. What Rockaway needs is faster service rather than more service. But for anything to happen, the right-of-way has to be preserved intact. As near as I can make out the new school being built at Metropolitan Ave keeps the ROW intact, but destroys the connection to the LIRR Montauk branch.

Bob Olmsted

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