Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 12:14:25 EST

Dear Regional Rail Working Group-Rockaway Subcommittee Members & other
friends of better transit,

Please let us know which one of the attached four versions of the
Rockaway Flyer you think is the best for advocating to restore LIRR service
along the Rockaway Line. Four versions are attached to this e-mail. Please
click reply all when submitting your vote. Voting ends Sunday, January 29,

After the voting is finished we'll continue working to edit &
finalize the version of the flyer with the most votes.

Any other comments/suggestions/rewording to edit any of the four
versions of the flyers would also be appreciated. Also if you like something
in one version of the flyer that you think should be added or deleted from
another version of the flyer please mention that too.

We need to act fast so that our group can have something ready so
that we can solicit the community boards and the press.


Carl Perrera,
RRWG-Rockaway Subcommittee Co-Chair

RockawayflyerVersion 1a
RockawayflyerVersion 1a
RockawayflyerVersion 1b
RockawayflyerVersion 1b
RockawayflyerVersion 2a
RockawayflyerVersion 2a
RockawayflyerVersion 3a
RockawayflyerVersion 3a

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