REDUCED TRAVEL TIME: Travel time between south Queens and Midtown, Manhattan would be reduced by providing more direct and faster service along the reactivated Rockaway Beach Right-Of-Way under any of the alternatives described. Travel time to Midtown Manhattan would be cut in half.

ENHANCED PROPERTY VALUES: Property values would increase because communities along the Rockaway ROW would be in closer proximity to speedy train service to Manhattan.

BOOST ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Improved access could spark economic development for all businesses located adjacent to the Rockaway Beach Right- Of- Way.

NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION: The abandoned right-of way that currently gathers garbage and weeds would be properly landscaped and sound proofed.

INTEGRATED & AFFORDABLE FARES: Integrated and affordable regional fare structure which would be later incorporated into the new Smart Card Technology.
The Rockaway Subcommittee of the Regional Rail Working Group advocates the establishment of speedier rail service between Midtown Manhattan and the Rockaway Peninsula. The Rockaway Subcommittee believes that reactivating of the Rockaway Beach Line; currently inactive in part should become a vital link in the regions future. It would greatly serve passengers traveling to and from southern and central Queens as well as to and from the Aqueduct Racino and JFK Airport.
The Regional Rail Working Group is a consortium of transit advocacy organizations whose goal is to improve mobility by promoting the conversion of the Tri-State Region's commuter rail lines into a regional rail system, with fast and frequent service with affordable and integrated fares. A major component of this plan would be the more efficient operation of commuter rail service. This would be accomplished through operating commuter trains between destinations in Long Island, Queens and New Jersey via Penn Station.