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Subject: Fwd: Fares Already Too High! Incident: 041103-000169


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Subject: Fares Already Too High! Incident: 041103-000169

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Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support

center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.



Fares Already Too High!

Discussion Thread


Response (Doug Sussman) - 11/04/2004 08:16 AM

Dear: Carl Perrera,

Thank you for your comments on MTA 2005 Preliminary Budget, which proposes a=

 number of fare and toll increases, as well as cost reductions and service o=

ptions designed to balance the 2005 operating budget.

During the past year, the MTA and its operating agencies have been working t=

o develop a realistic operating plan for the years 2005 through 2008. As ex=

pected, and as we disclosed very publicly last fall, and at several juncture=

s this year, the MTA is facing substantial budget gaps in each of the next s=

everal years, due primarily to increasing debt service costs to support our=20=

current 5-year capital improvement plan, and increasing pension, health, and=

 welfare costs for our workers. We recognize that these projected costs for=20=

operations cannot, and should not, be offset by fare and toll increases alon=

e. Accordingly, we have identified other internal savings.=20

Over the past months, each MTA agency has identified administrative and serv=

ice programs to eliminate the budget gap that will bring in about $248 milli=

on for 2005. To complete a balanced budget for 2005, we need to identify an=

 additional $219 million in fare and toll revenues. This carefully crafted f=

inancial plan will be the subject of public discussion over the coming month=

s, including public hearings. Detailed information on the financial plan is=20=

already posted on the MTA website, and public hearings have bee=

n announced to actively solicit customer comments and suggestions on the pla=

n. Following the public hearings and open discussion, the MTA Board will ado=

pt the 2005 budget in December.=20


Our unremitting goal is to balance the needs of our riders, with the continu=

ed maintenance of our high service standards, and the welfare and safety of=20=

our workers.=20

Your interest and involvement in this process is most appreciated.


Douglas R. Sussman


Community Affairs


Auto-Response - 11/03/2004 11:22 PM

Dear Carl Perrera:

The MTA is in receipt of your comments on the MTA 2005 Preliminary Budget, w=

hich includes a number of fare and toll, and cost reductions and service opt=

ions designed to balance the operating budget.=20

You will receive a response to your comments, which will be added to the off=

icial record of the public hearings, within the next 15 days. In the meanti=

me, please refer to the MTA website for information on the publ=

ic hearings.

Your interest and involvement in this process is most appreciated.

Customer (Carl Perrera) - 11/03/2004 11:22 PM

It's not the riding public's fault that the MTA took on too much debt to fun=

d previous capital projects that fares have too be risen where it will becom=

e a financial hardship for many city and surburban residents to ride the sub=

ways, buses and commuter rails. It's time the MTA seek a new revenue source=

 to fund current and future operating deficits and current and future captit=

al projects. I would like to suggest that the MTA seek assistence by creati=

ng partnerships with private corporations such as the Fortune 500 companies=20=

and other medium and large businessess that could contribute funds to the MT=

A in exchange for Federal, New York State and New York City Tax Deductions a=

nd/or tax credits. Large corporations that have their main headquarters in=

 New York City or other parts of New

York State and employ numerous workers may want to join this proposed progra=

m. Any large contributions per month or per year over a certain dollar amou=

nt from these corporations to the MTA could be allowed to have someone from=20=

their corporation become part of a special board that would keep track of wh=

ere they wanted their contributions to be allocated towards whether it be a=20=

long term capital project(s), enhanced security or just for current operatin=

g expenses. Since transportation is a vital resource for both our City and=20=

State it's time that the MTA join forces with the private sector so that the=

 economic future of our City and State would become second to none. If this=

 were done fares may not have to be raised but better fare incentives be est=

ablished so that more commuters that

now drive would switch to the commuter rails, subways and buses. For exampl=

e allowing free weeekly and monthly MetroCards with weekly and monthly commu=

ter rail tickets so that commuter rail passengers won't have too pay an addi=

tional fare when they switch to a subway or bus. Allowing commuter rail fif=

teen percent Ten Trip Peak Discounts similar to that of Off-Peak Ten Trip Di=

scounts. Allowing unlimited transfers within a two-hour period with a Pay-Pe=

r-Ride MetroCard. The MTA needs to encourage more ridership by providing gr=

ateater discounts as described above not discourage ridership by increasing=20=

fares. As I said earlier lets find a new source of income by allowing the p=

rivate sector to contribute to the MTA to help fund current and future opera=

ting expenses and current and future

capital projects.=20


Carl Perrera

Question Reference #041103-000169


           MTA Service: Financial Plan

              Category: Financial Plan Comment

          Date Created: 11/03/2004 11:22 PM

          Last Updated: 11/04/2004 08:16 AM

                Status: Closed

    Date/Time of Event:=20


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