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The map entitled, LONG ISLAND RAILROAD CORPORATE HISTORY is a collection of 28 very large transparent .GIF images, precisely stacked in layers. It will take several minutes for the files to completely download, uncompress, and be laid out internally by your web browser. The speed of your internet connection is not as important as the type of web browser you are using; in fact, once the download is complete, the connection is no longer needed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer will layout and display the map rather quickly (in under 2 minutes) while Netscape and Mozilla Firefox have a very long latency period, at least twice that of the MS Internet Explorer - several minutes of complete inactivity will elapse before the map appears onscreen. BE PATIENT!

Once the map is active, you can read about and trace the various railroad lines. Single Click any map hot spot (where the cursor changes from an arrow to a pointing finger) to turn on the trace. There will be a slight lag time between your click and the computer’s response; here again, the type of web browser you are using will determine the length of this latency. MSIE has about a 2 second delay to turn on or toggle off any trace. Netscape or Firefox may have 5 - 10 second delays. CLICK ONLY ONCE AND WAIT. Trying to speed things up by repeated clicking can cause problems. You do not have to turn off a trace to select a new trace; just click on the new selection and the previous trace will automatically turn off before the new trace appears. If you start to scroll the map while a trace is on, the trace will automatically be turned off before any scrolling begins. The map graphic is so large - at the very extreme of your web browser’s capacity to display an image - that it cannot scroll 2 or more visible layers. With the pre-programmed automatic trace turnoff, you should experience smooth scrolling all the time.

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