Dear friends of sustainable transport:

Our next Auto-Free New York walking tour will be in Jackson Heights, Queens on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 6-8pm.

Our tour host will be AFNY/vision42 advocate Ed Walters, who together with other Jackson Heights residents and community leaders, will give us a firsthand look at NYCE28099s newest auto-free street segments, where deadly motor vehicles that once roamed freely have been removed and the street space they once commandeered has been reused for community amenities like seating, planters and children E28099s play space.

Much of Jackson Heights was developed as a planned garden city-like medium rise community just before the auto-era.

The walking tour will include a discussion with community activists about how this pre-auto culture was preserved and how the current overuse of motor vehicles can be reduced. The tour will also provide an opportunity to see and discuss new opportunities for circumferential rail passenger links that could share track space with little used rail freight lines and much broader regional plan remaking the commuter rail lines serving NYC into a full-service regional rail system with frequent service, integrated fares and through-running.

The tour will end with some refreshments in one of the Jackson Heights gardens that has been beautifully restored (and kept auto-free as well).

The walking tour, which will take place rain or shine, will begin promptly at 6pm just outside of the turnstile area at the Broadway/Roosevelt Avenue subway station entrance on Roosevelt Avenue between 74th Street and 75th Street. (E,F,R,M or #7 trains).

RSVP suggested at: _info@vision42.org_ Auto-Free New York/vision42 working regular monthly meetings will resume in September. Stay tuned for more info.

Hope to see you on Tuesday, August 20, 2013
geo -- George Haikalis
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