Diet can prevent the growing diabetes problem

Type 2 Diabetes is now affecting about 10% of the adult population but what is equally concerning is the alarming percentage of the population that is at high risk of developing the disease. The survey showed that approximately 25% of adults have a problem of impaired glucose tolerance – a condition which, if left unchecked almost inevitably leads to the development of diabetes later in life.

Diabetes and overweight

Overweight and obesity, especially an increase in body fat around the waistline, is a major risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes. With lots of people being overweight the potential exists for diabetes to become our leading national health problem. Even moderate increases in your waist circumference above the desired levels for men and women can lead to impaired glucose tolerance.

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Preventing diabetes

The good news is – this problem is preventable! Small losses in body fat can significantly improve your glucose metabolism and help overcome the problem of insulin resistance. Nutritionists suggests, „it may be time to ask yourself whether you need to take up the challenge of making a few lifestyle changes – choose foods low in saturated fat, include carbohydrate foods that release their energy slowly (that is those with a low Glycaemic Index), eat a wide variety of vegetables, include some healthy oils (eg extra virgin olive oil) in your diet and add some extra activity to your day „.

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