Mould Allergy

Microscopic mould spores thrive in damp places, however the fact that these spores are so small does not mean that they can be very dangerous and even deadly to people that are allergic to them.

One of the greatest causes of allergies is airborne allergens. As well as being found on walls and surfaces mould spores can also be spread through the air. For people that are allergic to mould breathing in mould spores is much easier than for people that are not allergic to mould.

Research shows that mould is among the most common cause of allergies. This is partly due to the fact that unlike other allergies such as pollen allergy mould allergy is not seasonal.

Mould spore allergy symptoms can often manifest themselves as asthma.

However other symptoms can include:

For someone that is already suffering from asthma mild exposure to mould may bring on an asthma attack, whereas someone not suffering from asthma might not be bothered by it. Mould such as that you find on a shower curtain in small quantities should not cause a mould allergy.

If you are being exposed regularly to large amounts of mildew or mould, you need to start taking steps to eradicate the problem. Different types of mould can produce mycotoxins and the symptoms can be a lot more sever than an ordinary mould allergy. For example Black mould resulting from heavy water damage, such as from a flood, can produce mycotoxins. Problems can occur in your home over time and because you live there you do not notice the smell and consequently you do not realize that it is the trigger for your allergy.

The two main conditions that will promote mould spore growth at a rapid pace are warmth and moisture. Mould spores can grow in very small places, just because you can not see them does not mean they are not there. It is often possible to smell it before you see it and then you will realize that you are not suffering from sinus problems, and may be suffering a mould allergy.

Some of the more common places that you can find mould growth are:

The most important thing that you can do towards controlling your allergy is to discover the cause of the mould and eradicate it completely.

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