The Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

How coconut oil is made?

Organic coconut oil is coconut oil which made of coconut meat and processed without hydrogenated. The manufacturing process carried out without heating or with heating control. In the process of making organic coconut oil is not added chemicals and preservatives at all. So that the coconut oil produced truly organic coconut oil (organic virgin coconut oil)

Coconut trees grow in the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, Filipinos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa and others have enormous benefits for human life. Part of the coconut tree-like roots, stems, fruit until the coconut leaves can be used for various purposes. From the palm trees in an area that is organic coconut oil is produced.

Oil made from coconuts (coconut oil) are now widely produced, either a small industry, domestic industry, or big industry. Virgin coconut oil or virgin coconut oil ( VCO ), especially the type of organic coconut oil or organic extra VCO containing MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), began to demand by the public as a healthy oil.

Organic Coconut Oil Proven Healthy

President of the Coconut Research Center (Coconut Research Center), based in Colorado, United States, a nonprofit organization that educates the public and the scientific community about the nutritional and health benefits of coconut oil, Spring Bruce Fife, CN, ND, said that coconut oil is the oil most healthy on earth.
Bruce’s statement is based on observations over the Pacific Islanders who for hundreds of years of eating a variety of foods derived from coconut materials, including oil. If coconut oil is bad and unhealthy, would have hundreds of years since they disappeared anyway. “Heart disease emerged as their traditional foods were replaced with modern, processed foods and derived from vegetable oils that have been refined,” said Bruce.

A study conducted on a population of Tokelau Island (in the northern Cook Islands) and Pukapuka, the jurisdiction of New Zealand began in 1960 proved the importance of coconut. Approximately 2,500 people who inhabit these places every day eating a variety of models of food made from coconut.

The results found no signs of kidney disease or hypothyroidism or hypercholesterolemia. They mostly have a slim body posture and rarely have indigestion.

Dr Ian A. Prior, MD, cardiologist and director of epidemiology unit at Wellington Hospital in New Zealand and his colleagues then calculated the mean cholesterol population of both islands is based on average observed in Western countries. Their actual cholesterol levels are 70-80 milligrams lower than predicted by the range between 170-208 g / dl.

These communities consume coconut oil and other coconut products as the main fat source. However, they generally have a healthy physical body mass index 22.4 kg/m2, total cholesterol levels of 185.4 mg%, LDL cholesterol 119.3 mg%, HDL cholesterol 54.7 mg%, and the ratio of LDL / HDL 2.2. How about you, want to try to consume organic oil? Yes. it’s the right choice. With the benefits of organic coconut oil, we can try to prove it.

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